Sydney Theatre Company, as the premier theatre company in Australia, has been a major force in Australian drama since its establishment in 1978. The Company presents an annual twelve-play program at its home base The Wharf, on Sydney's harbour at Walsh Bay. Each year the company produces a subscription brochure and season campaign that is rolled out across all theatre collateral and signage. The 2003 subscription brochure was designed to work with the limitations of not always being able to have access to the final cast or even the final script. Portraits of the main characters were taken in studio and then printed onto art canvas. These canvas were then shot in location while being carried by a selection of backstage staff. These canvas' were then displayed along the entrance walkway of the theatre to showcase the season titles and used as introduction props for the opening launch night. Final printed brochures came packaged in a bespoke drawstring bag along with other promotional material. The project received and award distinction at the 2004 AGDA National Awards. This worked was completed whilst I was a senior designer at Moon Design in Sydney.
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