ShowAds (now PMP Digital) is one of Australasia’s leading pre-media companies offering a state-of-the-art pre-media service for all great print advertising and packaging products. Working in conjunction with photographer Derek Henderson, I was commissioned to design a promotional book that would appeal to the creative industry explaining the advantage of using ShowAds as a pre-media service. This book entitled 'Deadlines' was conceived as a somewhat tongue in cheek portrayal of the stresses people experience working in the creative industry. The book follows the dismal cliched lives of an art director, production manager and account director who are all on stressful deadlines. The book is designed as self folding concertina that opens out in one long deadline at the end of which you can turn the book over and it transforms into the Showads 'Lifeline' and explains the lifeline of services that they can offer. The project received the AGFA award for photography and design at Australia's National Print Awards. This worked was completed whilst I was a senior designer at Moon Design in Sydney.
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