Mysore is a city in Southern India famous for its temples, Maharaja's palace, silks and sandalwood. Yet despite being dubbed the cultural capital of Karnataka state, 'Mysore Style' doesn't refer so much to a particular brand of painting, dance or fashion. Rather, the term 'Mysore Style' has become famous the world over for its reference to the traditional mode of practising ashtanga yoga, a potent method of self-realisation propagated by the renowned Sanskrit professor and yoga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). Guruji celebrated his 90th birthday on the full moon of July 2005 in Mysore, India. Famed teachers, student and friends, many of whom had been practising with Guruji since the early days, came from all over the world to celebrate and practise. This project was envisioned along with photographer Graeme Montgomery and stylist Mark Whitaker as a way to document the occasion and incredible mix of yogis who had gathered there. The book 'Mysore Style', that I designed and art directed, is the result of this project. A total of 2,000 books successfully sold internationally, raising significant funds for a variety of Mysore based charities.
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